Well it's been 6 months since Walt delivered the babies to us.  I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care you gave them and me.  They are growing Like weeds.  I will never forget they way they looked when they came out of the trailer.  They looked wonderful.  They looked and acted like they had only been for a short ride not a three day haul from Gainesville Fl, to our little town north of Kansas City Mo.  I was really surprised at how well they did.  I have recommended you to everyone I know.  If I ever have to ship horses I will only ship with you.  Even if that means I have to wait.  You took just as good care of me.  I was so nervous about the delivery with my daughters graduation the same day that the babies were due.  Walt was fantastic.  He got then home to us in plenty of time for everyone to get settled in before we had to be at graduation.  You held my had thru the whole thing.  I know you had to wonder what kind of a nervous ninny you were dealing with but you were delivering my dream babies and you understood.  You took everything in stride and made the whole experience wonderful.  Thank you again for everything.  My girl (Sahara) at 18 months old stands 15.3 hands tall.  My girls call her the giraffe because of how tall she is.

The colt (Nico) is growing at a slower pace but is turning into a real mover.  Thanks again for helping me realize my dream.  You and Walt are the best!

Lisa A. McCann

UMB Ultra Rep

Phone #816-860-3989

Fax # 816-860-7066



       I am not a horseman but the mother of an equestrian.  During the entire time that my daughter traveled to shows in the past with her barn, I never had to make the equine travel arrangements; the barn managers did that and I just wrote the check.  But the time came recently, when I found myself with a horse stuck in New York and I had to make the arrangements to get him home by myself.  Not having a clue what I was doing, I put a bid on an Internet site and shortly thereafter, I received Cyndy Millerís quote.  I also received many others but the first left an impression that was never surpassed.  Cyndy Miller described her and husband Waltís business and their philosophy of how they believe a horse should be transported.  But, she went further and described her farm, her home, her livestock and even her pets!  I felt I already had a trusted friend to guide me through a process in which I had no clue how to proceed in, and people who wanted to treat me and my horse like family.

     When I described my delicate situation and how I was confused and didnít know how to do this or how it would turn out, Cyndy reassured me that once I retained Miller Farms, she would take care of every detail.  That meant a lot in this trying situation. 

     And take care of every detail she did.  First, she only bid on the transport as it fit perfectly with a run they were starting in two days.  All the arrangements were made quickly and efficiently.  And as advertised, Cyndy kept me updated daily on the progress. From arrangement making, pick up, and travel, I got daily reports, sometimes several in a day.  I even got anecdotes as to my crazy horseís behavior during the ride.  And the horse arrived healthy and looking like he had been up the road for a day. 

     I cannot speak highly enough for Cyndy and Walt Miller and their business.  I would recommend them without reservation to everyone.  And I know our new barn owners were impressed and will be considering them for their future transport needs.


 Betsy Kantor Hoogenboom



   As an international equine export facility, we contract with haulers to bring horses to us from all over North America virtually every week throughout the year.  We've tried many different services.  Some are good.  Some are not.  But few compare with Miller Horse Transport.  They are without a doubt among the very best in the business. 
   Walt and Cyndi are horsemen themselves, so they understand horses' needs and do an excellent job of providing for the horses' health and well-being while on the road. They truly care about the animals and it shows when we receive horses who walk off the trailer looking like they've just come from across the road instead of across the country. 
   But Walt and Cyndi don't stop there.  They also take care of their human clients in an extraordinary way.  One of our most common complaints about haulers is a lack of communication.  Not so with Walt and Cyndi.  When Miller Horse Transport hauls for us, we get detailed updates every day, letting us know where they are on the road, how the trip is going and details about each horse's behavior, temperament, needs, health, etc.  Cyndi is so thorough and personable that we almost feel that we are right there in the truck with them all the way along. 
   I recommend Miller Horse Transport wholly and without reservation.  You and your horse will have a good experience with them!
Dianne Nielsen 

EZ 2 Spot Ranch Equine Isolation Facility

995 CR 2729, Unit 2

(P.O. Box 7)

Bigfoot, TX   78005


office:            830 665 4121
Dianne's cell: 210 861 0269
Terry's cell:    210 244 3404
fax:               866 277 0336




   Hennessey Arabian has used Miller Farms Equine Transport's services almost exclusively since 2007. When we ship our horses with Walt Miller we ship with total confidence. He is a horseman par excellence. We do not have to worry about administrating any medications, detecting a health problem or traveling in tough conditions.  If it is too hot Walt will travel during the night and barn rest the horses during the day. Cyndy always provides us with a detailed daily progress report. Cyndy and Walt have created the whole package that satisfies our needs 100%.

George Z, General manager

Hennessey Arabian, LLC.

Ocala, Florida




     In late Fall of 2007, I needed to have a horse shipped from Missouri to South Carolina.  I had always in the past done all my own hauling, and was very concerned about a commercial shipper.  After contacting EIGHT different haulers, I was totally convinced that Walt Miller was THE best man for the job. 


     I confess that I wasn't really sure that Cyndy would stay in touch with me all along the way, as advertised.  How silly I was, because she DID stay in touch every day, telling me all the where's and when's.   Walt and my Fox Trotter arrived on the afternoon of Dec. 31st, on schedule and on time.  My horse was in excellent shape, not stressed out in any way, just as happy as if I had taken him out on one of our routine fun outings on the trail.


    Walt and Cyndy are true professionals at what they do, they have teamwork down to an art, and yet they tackle their work in such a caring and compassionate way, that I felt as if I had a long-time trusted friend to take care of my guy.  On a rating scale of 1 to 10, 10 is simply not high enough.  Get the BEST - Miller Equine Transport -  Forget the rest. 


Pat Vyskocil,  Summerville, SC   



Hey Cyndy,


     I just wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with your business. Barbie arrived happy and healthy and that's all that matters to me! Both you and Walt were so friendly and professional. I told Walt that some people from New York are coming to look at Barbie and probably buy her in about a week. They asked about a shipping company and I, of course, recommended ya'll! I also wanted to inquire about ANOTHER quote. I'm possibly purchasing a horse from Fremont, Michigan (49412) to be delivered to Simpsonville, SC (29680). I would like a quote from ya'll just in case, so I know what I'm looking at.


Again, thanks so much for the great service and I will continue to use ya'll and recommend you to all my horsey friends!