Based in South Carolina, Walt has been hauling horses for over 20 years and as such is prepared for every contingency.

     Our current rig consists of an ‘09 Ford 350 pulling a meticulously maintained GN 6 horse slantload Sundowner. We would never again own a Dodge even if we were court ordered to do so.

     We are thrilled with this trailerís smooth ride and superior insulation/ventilation especially since we had Sundowner install oversized windows last year.

Miller Farms Equine Transport Rig

     Walt also had the dividers altered to reach the ceiling so each horse travels with a greater range of motion, but cannot reach the stall mate. In the unthinkable event of an accident, no  horse can Ďflipí over the divider to land on top of the horse next to him/her. While we can travel with 6 horses reasonably, we choose to limit our bookings to 5 horses for long hauls. That way, they all have a more comfortable ride.

     Over the years, Walt has had any breed you can imagine both as scheduled rides and as emergency trips to specialists. Proudly I can assure you his CDL record is spotless.

     Our own critters: Mac, our Foundation Quarter horse, Tuffy, my ‘forever girl’ paint who is BFF to Walt’s landmark case Arab, ‘Casz’ and Bubba the Donkey (yes, Walt speaks Donkey), who watches over our lovebug minidonks, Webster & Jr who share a fence with our delicious minimares Hopey, Dingy Dong Belle, Rosebud and Miss Mercy Me. They share the barn with the feline barn patrol, and tolerate Elvis, our retired roadie JRT and his gang of 3 roost ruling dogs. They all keep me on a pretty short leash while Walt is on the road with your kids. 


  Regular Stall 2 Regular Stall  
  Box Stall
Miller Transport Box Stall


     A few notes on how we do things at Miller Farms:

     We get paid fairly to haul horses, we have no desire to start doing sight seeing tours. If a horse does not fit into the itinerary to which we are already committed, we simply donít bid on it. We do our best to minimize the miles your horse travels. We mitigate those miles with our overnighting protocol.

     Not only do we stop every few hours for hay/water/manure checks, we generally offload at horse hotels nightly to give our travelers a good sleep, a roll in a bedded stall and reload them into a cleaned out trailer in the morning. Thousands of horses traveling millions of miles have taught us what reduces their stress and helps to maintain their weight.

     Bags of oranges, apples, carrots and oat/honey treats are always on board so snack time has something for everyone. If they tire during the day, a lunch of sloppy beet pulp w/molasses is a fun pick me up.

     Waltís passion is to deliver your horse looking and feeling like s/he went across town rather than cross country. Mine is to get you to where you feel like you rode shotgun. If you donít hear from me at least once a day, send flowers! Either blunt head trauma or anesthesia is involved!

     Our disinfecting routine is limited to commercial veterinary non toxic cleaners. Before the start of each trip, the trailer is stripped, inspected and disinfected. The non toxics are safer for minis, weanling, seniors and well, just about all critters who plan on  extended trips in the big metal box!

     While our bid  may not be the lowest you can get today, neither is it the highest and our list of references will all attest to the fact that while you are on board, we will work tirelessly to be sure we are worth every penny. (Since fuel prices vary greatly around the country, your area of travel are been considered in calculating your bid price.) Horse hotels reimbursement are due upon safe delivery and range in price between $20-25 nightly.

     Once you decide to travel with us, send an email hiring us, we will email you asking for travel information so we can begin to coordinate the pick up and delivery as well as an e-voice to deposit the first of the 3 equal payments into our bank or PayPal account. Receipt of this deposit reserves your stall and indemnifies us to perform as described herein.

      Should you have any further questions or concerns, please donít hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you shortly and working with you before too long.

Miller Equine Transport Rig    


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